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Pratham Education Foundation

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Giving kids self-driven, offline lessons to learn in any environment

What they do

Pratham uses technology to create cooperative learning environments and community-based surveys to work towards the goal of quality education for all.

How we're helping

Since 2007, has invested $4 million to help Pratham establish the ASER Centre, an autonomous research and assessment unit that annually facilitates ASER (Annual Status of Education Report), a household survey of children’s basic learning levels in reading and math. The insights from these surveys show that while more than 96% of children are enrolled in school in rural India, about half of all fifth graders still cannot read a simple text or do basic arithmetic. By assessing learning levels, ASER helps to make sure that students are not only in school, but that attention is also paid to children’s learning.

In 2016, donated $3 million toward devices and an additional $3.1 million to support Pratham’s Hybrid Learning Program—an initiative that empowers students to use self driven, tablet-based curricula to learn outside of the classroom. Students ranging from fifth to eighth grade organize themselves into groups of five. Two groups share a tablet and children in each group decide together what content they’d like to learn. Along with learning science, English and math, students also learn how to work collaboratively with their peers and foster their curiosity.

The data collected from the program will help Pratham and the broader sector better understand how a student focused model can accompany more traditional teacher focused models, with the hope of scaling these methodologies across India’s rural school ecosystem. The data will also help Pratham develop content that is engaging, relevant, and enriching. Googler volunteers will be contributing to these data analysis efforts.

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A group of Indian women use tablets supplied by Google and the Pratham Foundation.
Parent and child access an offline lesson on a tablet.


Annual Status of Education Report 2016

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