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Using an open-sourced platform to translate books for students

More than half of the books published in India are written in Hindi and English. But in a country with dozens of local languages, this means many students don’t have access to books in their native tongue. is supporting Pratham Books to rapidly expand the reach of their translation platform StoryWeaver.

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Economic Opportunity

Improving America’s workforce development system through digital tools

Millions of job seekers rely on America’s publicly funded workforce system, but the process is often confusing and disheartening. is supporting Code for America to build technologies that help job seekers easily access the resources they need.

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Using data to uncover racial injustice

Shifting a nation’s mindset means collecting and surfacing lost data: the thousands of lost records and stories of racial injustice. is working with Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative, which is building a national memorial to lynching victims and a museum that examines African American history.

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