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Empowering students and teachers by advancing the use of high quality, open source, video resources.

What they do

Central Square Foundation is a grantmaking organisation and policy think tank focused on improving the quality of school education and learning outcomes of children from low-income communities in India. It works toward systemic reform through grants to education nonprofits that create proof points for new standards of excellence, research that collates evidence and develops insights for addressing critical education-related issues, and advocacy that leverages the evidence from its initiatives and research to inform public policy and create systemic impact. Across this work, CSF focuses on four key levers to reform the system: Governance, Educators, School Systems and Ed-Tech.

How we're helping

Education gaps persist in India, where 50% of students in 5th grade cannot read a 2nd-grade text or do a two-digit subtraction problem (Pratham source). Supplementary instruction or self-study through video has shown to be an effective tool to help students improve, and Indian students are eager to improve--roughly 85% of upper primary and secondary students receive some form of private coaching. But a variety of barriers—infrastructure, lack of curriculum alignment, and an insufficient amount of available content—has limited the role of video in helping Indian students learn key concepts, especially in STEM.

With grant support from Google.org and technical volunteer assistance from YouTube employees, the Central Square Foundation will launch a video content accelerator to empower the next generation of educational video creators in India. The accelerator will directly support more than 20 educators with the funding and training they need to produce more than 200 hours of quality STEM content in Hindi and vernacular languages. The accelerator will also work to scale its reach by developing a hub to share best practices--such as tips on how to create engaging videos and guidance for aligning lessons with curriculum and standards—with the sector at large.