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France, Spain, Italy
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Matching underserved job seekers with in-demand jobs of the future

What they do

Employers are finding it hard to recruit people with the right skills for new and rising careers such as mobile developer, web designer, or drone pilot for building construction crews. Partnering with employers to identify the most in-demand skills, INCO has launched the INCO Academy which consists of 10-12 weeks free job training programs for underserved job-seekers with an 80% job placement rate.

How we're helping

With’s support, INCO will open-source the INCO Academy and develop a franchise model it will test in France, Spain and Italy. In order to scale the reach of its training program, INCO will build an online learning and matching platform. Ultimately the goal is to bring the INCO Academy to 10 additional countries by 2020 and enable 15,000 underserved job seekers to get jobs in the technology sector.

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