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In Colombia, training the next generation of technology entrepreneurs

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While digital skills are in high demand in Colombia, those skills aren’t easily acquired by people living in rural areas and those at highest risk of unemployment. Colnodo focuses on helping tough to reach populations like unemployed urban youth and people with a history of trauma by providing them with both soft skills and high quality digital skills training, then helping them find jobs.

How we're helping funded the development and implementation of JuvenTIC, a program which provides digital skills trainings to young people in parts of Colombia that don’t typically have access to education and employment opportunities, including people in remote areas, ethnic minorities, and those with disabilities.

Googler volunteers in our Colombia office worked with Colnodo to design these industry-leading trainings in content management, digital marketing, managing information systems and design, and wraparound skill building. In two years, 3,700 people were trained through JuvenTIC and 1,274 received certificates of completion recognized by a local university.

A second round of funding allowed Colnodo to partner with USAID and IOM on including ex-combatants from Colombia's internal conflict in training and re-entry.

Project gallery

A Google volunteer poses with Colombian youth after a training session.
People gathered on stage at a Colnodo conference.
A student shows off their sketches for a project.
Colombian youth poses with member of the Colnodo organization.


IOM, USAID, Google and local partners support new technologies for peacebuilding in Colombia

May 20, 2016


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