International Rescue Committee: Refugee Crisis

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Europe, Africa and Middle East
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$2+ million
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Crisis Response


Building a mobile platform to provide refugees with credible information

What they do

Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East continue to be impacted by the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis. When people are forcibly displaced, rebuilding their lives is not only finding a new place to call home. The International Rescue Committee has seen first-hand the complexity of humanitarian disasters and understands the need to develop better aid solutions—techniques that are rooted in evidence-based reasoning and bring positive, lasting change to clients.

In the past year alone, the International Rescue Committee has impacted the lives of over 26 million people. The IRC implements high-impact, cost-effective solutions that help people affected by crisis. The IRC focuses on economic well-being, education, health, safety, and empowerment. Across all of these areas the IRC works to break down the barriers that women and girls face on a daily basis.

How we're helping

As a result of Syria’s emergency evacuation in September 2015, Google volunteers worked with the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps to launch a “Crisis Info Hub” for refugees. The hub provided critical information about safe movement, legal rights, and trustworthy services in Greece and the Balkans. Now called Refugee.Info, the platform aggregates and publishes location-based information about rights and services available to refugees and asylum seekers. Refugee.Info is live in Greece and Serbia and will soon expand to more countries in the Balkans, the Central Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

To date, Refugee.Info has attracted more than 205,000 visitors and has housed information from 18 different countries. Additionally, the Refugee.Info team maintains a robust presence on social media to disseminate information quickly and interact with users directly.

Project gallery

A boat carrying Syrian refugees arrives onshore as a field worker waits to greet them.
An IRC field worker accesses Refugee.Info from a tablet.
An IRC field worker accesses Refugee.Info from a smartphone.
A Syrian refugee sits along a seashore at dusk, wrapped in a blanket.

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