We know that the best answers often come from those closest to the problem.

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We look for big ideas

We believe big things can happen when you don’t shy away from big ideas. We look for nonprofits, social enterprises, and civic entities who understand the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations and are working to address inequities at scale.

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We ask communities what they need

At this time, we do not accept applications for support outside of our Google.org Impact Challenges. Each challenge is an invitation to nonprofits and social enterprises with ideas to make their communities, and beyond, a better place. Ideas with the most potential are given a package of support, which may include funding, mentorship, and technical support from Google volunteers.

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We uplift leaders making bold changes

It’s important to support the people who work every day to make a change within their communities and industries. Leaders to Watch is Google.org’s way of supporting social innovators from our grantees to help them continue to make a big impact.

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Accelerating impact

We provide support through a combination of funding, innovation and technical expertise.

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Every year we grant $200 million to nonprofits and social enterprises across the globe. Our goal is to use our philanthropic capital to help stimulate innovative approaches to solving problems, and provide comprehensive support for marginalized communities.

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The same technology that makes our lives easier every day can also help tackle complex social challenges. We make our research, open source technology and products accessible to nonprofits working on the front lines of social change.

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Technical expertise

We connect nonprofits and civic entities with Google employees who volunteer their own time or who provide pro bono services through the Google.org Fellowship for up to six months full time.

Our approach in action

Google.org and Goodwill Industries

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Equipping Americans with skills for the digital age.

The Google.org Fellowship Program

The Google.org Fellowship is a pro bono program that matches Google employees with nonprofits and civic entities for up to six months on full time technical projects. Fellows leave their day jobs at Google to work alongside the organization’s staff to build scalable solutions, working as a team to ensure that the work has a sustained and lasting impact.

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  • Julie


    “Climate change is making natural disasters more frequent and more devastating. This means efficient distribution of aid is only becoming more important. I was excited about the idea of making that connection more efficient, of helping people help people, and especially help already vulnerable populations who are faced with a terrible situation.”

  • Jeneuse


    “Our team partnered with the City of Boulder to create an online service eligibility calculator, which helps Boulder residents more easily find and access city services, like child care subsidies or down payment assistance. As a resident of Boulder for the past four years, I’ve been lucky enough to serve my community in other ways as well, by getting involved with the foster care system, or volunteering with local nonprofits and programs, but this was a truly unique opportunity to be able to use my professional skills to give back.”

  • Charniece


    “I was motivated by the opportunity to combine my technical skills with my passion for criminal justice reform. My fellowship with the Vera Institute offered me the rigor and challenge I was craving professionally, while simultaneously enabling me to have a bigger impact on our legal system.”

  • Jaclyn


    “We’re helping the City of San Jose improve their handling of non-emergency calls, so that 911 call takers can focus on actual life and death emergencies. I was excited by the opportunity to work on something that would have an immediate and tangible impact on the community and could also be able to help other cities in the future.”

  • Aamir


    “TalkingPoints is using AI to enable parent-teacher communication to help improve student outcomes in underserved communities. The best part of the experience was getting to work with an inspiring nonprofit, facing the same challenges and issues as them and figuring out creative solutions that scale.”

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Through Google.org Impact Challenges, we award nonprofits and social enterprises with support to help bring their ideas to life.