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Nia Technologies

Nia Technologies is training prosthetic technicians to use 3D scanning and printing to produce prosthetic sockets more quickly.


Because of slow production times and a shortage of trained technicians, most people with disabilities in developing countries don’t have access to prosthetic or orthotic devices. In fact, it’s estimated that only three percent of people in need have access to rehabilitation.


With a $400,000 grant from, Nia Technologies Inc. is developing 3D PrintAbility, a system that uses 3D scanning, modelling, and printing technologies to quickly produce better-fitting prosthetic devices—while also creating a digital platform for the global community of technicians.


3D PrintAbility aims to lower prosthetic production times and increase access to orthopaedic workshops in developing countries, while improving the comfort and fit of devices—helping local technicians help more people with disabilities.