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For kids with special needs, the right materials can make a huge difference in the classroom. That’s why matched user donations (up to $1M) for projects that focused on accessible education on Together, we’re helping make classrooms more inclusive #ForEveryKid. Learn more

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These teachers are working on some of the most innovative projects around the country for kids with unique learning styles and needs. Click on a teacher’s picture to discover more about their classrooms and how they're using our support to create new learning experiences.

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Image illustrating a family portrayed with their kids on a Google hangout logo shape. Related to the Google hangout happening December 16 about advancing inclusion in schools.

A national conversation: Advancing inclusion in our schools.

Last December, Google brought together the National Parent Teacher Association, the Department of Education, and educators to discuss how we could make inclusion a core part of our classroom culture. As a parent, teacher, or school administrator, you can watch the archived Hangout to learn how to influence the direction of special needs education in your community.

Watch the Hangout