Working together to build a more inclusive world.

The Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities aims to make the world more accessible for the 1 billion people living with disabilities. We pledged $20M in grants to 29 nonprofits using technology to take on a wide range of accessibility challenges. See how they’re expanding opportunity and independence on a global scale.

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Public Engagement

In 2015, we introduced the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities to rally action toward building a world that works for everyone. We worked with leading nonprofits to build awareness, hosted events to spark innovation, asked the community to help us identify solutions that would increase access and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Image of a Veteran using Google Cardboard to virtually experience the march.

Veterans Day

In 2015, veterans in VA hospitals across the country virtually marched in the nation’s largest Veterans Day Parade using Google Cardboard.

Image of art created on the steps of DC honoring Disability Rights Movement leader Justin Dart, Jr.


For the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Google created an exhibit honoring the leaders of the Disability Rights Movement.

Image of a crowd of teachers and students cheering.

Last year, Google worked with to match donations and honor teachers committed to making education accessible for every kid.

Image of a Special Olympics athlete running a race.

Special Olympics

At last year’s Special Olympics World Games, Google built an experience that celebrated the ways technology creates a more inclusive world for everyone.

Image of a maker welding a project.


Google was proud to host the Bay Area Makeathon in collaboration with TOM and UCP of North Bay on September 11–13, 2015.

Image of people engaging with an interactive experience showing “What If” questions.

What If

The Challenge kicked off with a call for the Google community to start asking questions in order to explore ways to make the world more inclusive.