Leaders to Watch 2023

Every year, we recognize rising social innovators that are addressing today’s most pressing challenges. From social advocacy to building AI-powered solutions, these leaders are making waves in their respective fields and working towards a better future for all.

Leaders to Watch

Leaders to Watch is’s way of uplifting nonprofit and social enterprise leaders from within our grantee cohorts. We’re proud to support these Leaders with financial support, mentorship, and access to the best of our tools and resources. Across diverse causes, industries, and regions, our Leaders to Watch are united by their embodiment of our guiding principles.

Empowering communities

The leaders stay connected to their mission by playing an active part in the communities that they work to empower.

Making bold leaps

The leaders are bringing an audacious vision to solve challenges, applying new technology to advance progress, and often using data and technology to make their work more impactful.

Uplifting their sector

The leaders are driven to accelerate change beyond by sharing what they learn or open-sourcing their tools.

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