Wildfire for Beverly Hills, CA

This alert expired on June 13, 2018 at 8:01:00 PM -0700
City of Los Angeles - Emergency Management Department via Nixle
Alert area: Area near Beverly Hills, CA

Posted June 12, 2018 at 8:16:56 PM -0700

Portola Fire Information Update

Portola Fire Information Update

As of 8:00 PM, evacuations have been lifted for residents only. Go to lafd.org/alerts for more information.

Recommended actions

Go to lafd.org/alerts for up to date information.


Tips from ready.gov

Excerpted from ready.gov

  • To begin preparing, you should build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.

  • Plant fire-resistant shrubs and trees. For example, hardwood trees are less flammable than pine, evergreen, eucalyptus or fir trees.
    Regularly clean roof and gutters.

  • Use 1/8-inch mesh screen beneath porches, decks, floor areas, and the home itself. Also, screen openings to floors, roof and attic.

  • Keep handy household items that can be used as fire tools: a rake, axe, handsaw or chain saw, bucket and shovel.

  • Consider installing protective shutters or heavy fire-resistant drapes.

  • Clear items that will burn from around the house, including wood piles, lawn furniture, barbecue grills, tarp coverings, etc. Move them outside of your defensible space.

  • Identify and maintain an adequate outside water source such as a small pond, cistern, well, swimming pool, or hydrant.

  • Have a garden hose that is long enough to reach any area of the home and other structures on the property.

  • More about what to do before a wildfire.

Excerpted from ready.gov

  • Wear protective clothing when outside – sturdy shoes, cotton or woolen clothes, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and a handkerchief to protect your face.

  • Close outside attic, eaves and basement vents, windows, doors, pet doors, etc. Remove flammable drapes and curtains. Close all shutters, blinds or heavy non-combustible window coverings to reduce radiant heat.

  • Close all doors inside the house to prevent draft. Open the damper on your fireplace, but close the fireplace screen.

  • Shut off any natural gas, propane or fuel oil supplies at the source.

  • Connect garden hoses to outdoor water faucet and fill any pools, hot tubs, garbage cans, tubs or other large containers with water.

  • Place lawn sprinklers on the roof and near above-ground fuel tanks. Leave sprinklers on and dowsing these strutures as long as possible.

  • If you have gas-powered pumps for water, make sure they are fueled and ready.
    Place a ladder against the house in clear view.

  • More about what to do during a wildfire.

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