Snow Squall Warning for Southern Alberta

This alert expired on January 2, 2020 at 1:46:22 PM MST
Environment Canada
Alert area: S.A. 3 near Big Stone Cappon and Gold Spur; S.A. 3 near Oyen and Cereal; M.D. of Acadia including Acadia Valley; Cypress Co. near Tide Lake; Cypress Co. near Suffield and Hwy 879; S.A. 2 near Iddesleigh and Dinosaur Prov. Park; S.A. 2 near Jenner and Atlee; S.A. 2 near Buffalo and Cavendish; S.A. 2 near Bindloss Empress and Social Plains; Co. of Newell near Patricia; Co. of Newell near Tilley and Rolling Hills; Cypress Co. near CFB Suffield; Cypress Co. near Bowell and Redcliff; Cypress Co. near Seven Persons; Cypress Co. near Dunmore and Woolchester; Cypress Co. near Irvine and Walsh; Cypress Co. near Bowmanton Schuler and Hilda; Cypress Co. near McNeill and Sandy Point District Park; City of Medicine Hat; Co. of Forty Mile near Bow Island and Whitla

Posted January 2, 2020 at 12:46:22 PM MST

Snow squall conditions are no longer expected.


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