War Child Holland

War Child Holland

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Region of impact
Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan
Total funding
$3 million
Funding began in


For students in conflict areas, creating tablet-based educational games

What they do

War Child Holland and partners provide children affected by conflict with a quality education through a game-based curriculum, aligned learning approach.

More than 50% of out of school children live in or near conflict affected countries. Whether war has destroyed their country’s education system or they’ve simply been forced to flee, 28 million children worldwide have had their lives and learning disrupted.

War Child Holland believes that even when more conventional learning can’t happen, meaningful education cannot wait. Its Can’t Wait to Learn approach enables children to learn in informal refugee learning centres, places where there are not enough (or no) classrooms or teachers, and even in existing school systems. Can’t Wait to Learn’s educational games on tablet computers supplement traditional education and ensure that students are able to advance academically.

Early research shows that students using the platform enjoy increased academic performance and self confidence. Through continuing to improve the interface and supporting adoption in other affected areas, War Child Holland and partners hope to expand these benefits to 170,000 children and beyond by 2020.

How we're helping

Funding and technical expertise from Googler volunteers are helping War Child Holland and its partners turn their approach into a fully scalable, turnkey solution for student learning in conflict affected areas. Googler volunteers are also developing a comprehensive rollout plan for countries that want to deploy Can’t Wait to Learn.

Project gallery

Co-creating game worlds with input from children and local creatives.
Young boys play an educational game on their tablets.
An illustration from an educational game, featuring two people working at a shop.


Research report: e-learning Sudan phases I & II



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January 2, 2017


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