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Building a world where every teacher can learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost

What they do

The Teacher App uses technology to help teachers in India access quality professional development content. The content, delivered directly via an app, provides digital learning experiences in core concepts in math, science, language, and pedagogy. Courses are delivered in audio-visual interactive format, available in offline mode and built to require as little bandwidth as possible for each download. Working at scale alongside state governments in India, The Teacher App aims to reach 1 million teachers in five years.

How we're helping

There are almost 9 million teachers in India, and each year hundreds of thousands of new teachers join the profession. Making sure these teachers are well-prepared and supported is critical to the success of the 250 million first generation learners that depend on them, but 2016 government data shows that only ten percent of teachers received any kind of in-service training that year.

Funding from will help The Teacher App create hundreds of new courses, podcasts and toolkits for teachers. The Teacher App team will also develop new relationships to help scale their model, training other organizations and individuals on how to create quality courses for teachers. The Teacher App will continue to partner with state education departments to learn the best way to integrate The Teacher App content in existing teacher training infrastructure, and with the National Council for Teacher Education to create India's largest community of individuals and organizations focused on creating high quality open source content for teachers.

Google's support will also help The Teacher App team invest in their technology platform, creating a scalable tool to help them reach their target of 500,000 teachers in two years.

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