Pratham Books: StoryWeaver

Pratham Books: StoryWeaver

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Creating an open-sourced platform for translating books

What they do

Learning how to read is critical step in early education. But for far too many children, there are not enough reading resources available to them in their native language. A critical supply shortage of mother tongue literacy material, compounded by poor access and issues of affordability, results in children lagging behind in learning.

Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver is an online platform that connects readers, authors, illustrators, and translators to create free stories for children around the world. Through StoryWeaver’s open source technology, openly licensed stories can be translated, remixed, or newly authored to expand the diversity of storybooks available to children, especially in native languages. In a little over a year, Storyweaver has expanded to offer books in over 60 languages. Teachers, literacy organizations, and parents can easily find resources that fit their students’ reading ability as well as their language preferences. All of StoryWeaver’s content is free to access and can be easily downloaded, accessed on multiple devices, or printed.

How we're helping

With continued support from, Pratham Books will dramatically increase the number of quality stories available through StoryWeaver and expand distribution and access to the platform, aiming for more than 500,000 active users and 20,000 titles. Integration of the Google Translate API and transliteration tools, among other Googler volunteer expertise, will help to improve the efficiency of the translation process.

Project gallery

An instructor reads aloud from a tablet as students raise their hands.
A classroom full of young students participates in a group reading.
A young girl uses a tablet to access a book that has been translated to her native language.
A young boy stands in front a classroom bookshelf, reaching for a book.
An instructor and two young students hold stacks of translated stories.
A group of young students smile as they reach toward a tablet showing a translated story.


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