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Region of impact
South Africa, Nigeria
Total funding
$1,500,000 USD
Funding began in


Mobile-first, personalized math practice for learners in South Africa and Nigeria

What they do

Siyavula uses technology to help young people learn math and science in a personalized, data-driven way. The Siyavula Practice app, optimized to run on low-cost phones, matches questions to students' level, getting more difficult as students improve. The questions in the app are derived from Siyavula's free, openly-licensed, and volunteer-written online text books, which are used in schools across South Africa.

How we're helping

In both South Africa and Nigeria, learning often takes place in over-crowded classrooms of 80 to 200 learners. In addition to a lack of resources like books, classroom size makes it difficult for learners to receive consistent personal attention.

Siyavula addresses this problem by helping to make high quality education as accessible as possible to all students—enabling and creating innovative, technology-driven learning experiences aligned to curriculum and standards. The focus of this effort is the Practice app, software that combines a pedagogical approach with data on student performance to help students progressively improve their learning in subjects that include math and science. The Practice app is designed to work on a variety of low-cost devices, including early internet-connected mobile phones.

With support from, Siyavula will expand its reach in South Africa by offering free, one-year subscriptions to the Practice app to 150,000 low-income learners. Working closely with local organizations, it will also map its existing Math textbooks to the Nigerian curriculum, develop a version of Siyavula Practice for Nigerian learners, and launch it with free access for 150,000 low-income learners.

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