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Connecting teachers to create a knowledge sharing community

What they do

A shortage of qualified, high-performing teachers in India’s public and low cost private schools continues to affect educational quality for India’s low income students. In 2015, only 13.5% of teachers passed the India Central Teacher Eligibility Test. But when 1 in 7 public schools lack the minimum number of teachers, most teachers remain in the classroom regardless of performance. Lacking well trained teachers, one in three students in India’s public and low-cost private schools leave primary school unable to read a grade two textbook.

The Million Sparks Foundation is addressing these challenges with ChalkLit—a digital content platform and social community whose lesson plans, learning modules, and videos all support high caliber teaching. ChalkLit content is divided into bite-sized chunks, organized to align with public curriculum standards, and is accessible to teachers via a lightweight mobile app built for users with limited connectivity.

In late 2016, the Delhi State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) selected Million Sparks Foundation as their online capacity building program partner, and began using ChalkLit to provide in-service training for 60,000 school teachers.

How we're helping

With the support of’s grant funding, Googler volunteerism, and product donations, Million Sparks Foundation is further developing ChalkLit. The organization remains committed to ensuring that teachers across India are empowered to provide a top-notch education to all students.


Online platform, training to change the way math is taught in Delhi govt schools

December 14, 2016