Learning Equality

Region of Impact
India, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa
Total funding
$5 million
Funding began in


Taking digital content offline for students without internet

What they do

Free online materials —books, video tutorials, quizzes, etc.— have the potential to democratize access to quality education. But for the 4.3 billion people who lack consistent access to the internet, these resources remain out of reach.

Learning Equality believes that universal access to education has the power to break cycles of poverty around the world. Its Kolibri platform organizes content in a cloud based library, where it can be downloaded by teachers and learners and used offline, whether they’re in schools, refugee camps or orphanages. This open source technology is designed to work in a variety of educational settings and to run on numerous devices, from repurposed desktop computers to low cost, off-the-shelf hardware.

How we're helping

Google.org’s support will help Learning Equality build a bigger, better content library, develop features that provide student data and professional support to teachers, and develop partnerships and processes to reach hundreds of thousands of students. Googler volunteers will also work alongside Learning Equality’s product team in areas such as UX/UI, content integration, and video compression technology.

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A tablet connected to a Raspberry Pi computer.
Students using tablets to access learning materials.

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