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Matching people and jobs through clear and open signals

What they do

It’s an age-old problem: companies struggle to find workers that meet their needs, while workers struggle to find roles suited for their skills. There’s lots of reasons for this, but one is a lack of clear signals; in other words, employers have a hard time expressing what’s needed in a job. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is working with employers, job boards, and HR technology companies and professionals to overcome this “signals gap” through advancing open data standards for how job postings can communicate skills that are needed.

How we're helping

With support from Google.org, the Chamber Foundation is developing new and open resources to help employers better convey their needs. These tools will include new data standards and schema for job descriptions, a digital library of open-sourced competency and credential resources, and a repository of job descriptions. By partnering with job boards, employers, and HR technology companies across the country, the Chamber Foundation has the potential to help transform the way industry signals its needs, and the way people find roles suited for them.

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