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Enhancing opportunity youth employment opportunities through soft-skills assessments and credentialing

What they do

Southern New Hampshire University is one of the largest private, nonprofit universities in the US. SNHU focuses on continuous innovation to align higher education to the needs of today's labor market, working to ensure that students are keeping pace with new technologies and professional requirements. By reinventing higher education to fit the needs of today's students and workforce, SNHU ensures that students are keeping pace with new technologies and professional requirements.

How we're helping

Employers consistently identify1 soft skills as among the most important traits for on-the-job success, and many observers think they’ll continue to grow2 in prominence as work evolves. But unlike technical skills, which can be easy to assess through grades and tests, soft skills are nebulous and hard to validate.

Of the over $1 trillion3 spent each year on educational programs for young jobseekers, less than 5% is spent on assessments of essential workplace skills like teamwork, communication, and problem solving4.

With support from, SNHU will develop the Authentic Assessment Platform (AAP), a competency-based assessment mapped to in-demand soft skills. Results from this platform will feed into a facilitated job placement process to help inform a just-in-time training model for young jobseekers. SNHU will also address the lack of credentialing by providing those who complete this assessment with an official SNHU badge.

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