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Rewiring the labor market through skills-based hiring and talent financing

What they do

The American labor market has a problem: it’s oriented toward “screening people out” based on pedigree instead of “screening people in” based on skill. This orientation reinforces cycles of poverty and inequity, making it hard for talented people to get a leg up. Opportunity@Work is focused on rewiring the labor market by developing new tools that help overlooked talent communicate skills to employers, connect to employment opportunities, and afford skills-based education.

How we're helping

With Google.org’s support, Opportunity@Work is tackling the opportunity gap in two ways: 1) Building an inclusive hiring marketplace which includes launching TechHire.careers, a new platform that helps underserved and underrepresented groups validate their IT skills and connect with employers seeking entry level on-site or remote talent. 2) Experimenting with Talent Equity Financing, an alternative to traditional loans that allow low-income people to afford and access education.

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