Region of Impact
France, United Kingdom
Total funding
$1 million
Funding began in


Enabling learning opportunities in the gig economy

What they do

Openclassrooms is one of Europe’s leading online vocational training platforms offering courses in business development, web development, design and entrepreneurship to more than 3 million learners across 140 countries worldwide. The share of freelance workers in the workforce has increased by 85% in France in 10 years1; in the UK, the number of independent workers has reached 14 million in 20152. As more and more people take on “gig work” as a source of revenue, they will need to develop more agile ways of building new skills.

How we're helping

With’s support, OpenClassrooms will develop a new free course for people who would like to learn the skills needed to thrive as a freelancer or for gig workers who are looking for the next step in their career. OpenClassrooms will partner with gig economy platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo to offer this course to their users.

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