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Using digital tools to experiment with new ways of organizing businesses

What they do

Platform cooperatives are a type of worker-owned business that rely on digital technologies to facilitate decision-making and other business functions. While experiments in this area have mostly been small scale, they hold promise for informing how to equitably organize businesses. For example, in one instance, housecleaners have organized themselves into a cooperative cleaning business, allowing them to jointly advertise their services while sharing profit directly among themselves.

How we're helping

With’s support, The Platform Co-op Consortium at The New School will partner with the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University to develop the Platform Co-op Development Kit, a platform to help interested people start platform co-ops. The Kit will include a map of the ecosystem, a resource library about platform cooperativism, as well as tools that can ease the legal process for these startups, help democratic decision-making, and a customizable labor platform. By making these tools freely available and open source, The Platform Co-op Consortium aims to lower the barriers to entry for co-ops.

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