On Veterans Day 2015, veterans in VA hospitals across the country virtually marched in the nation’s largest Veterans Day Parade using Google Cardboard and 360 video.

Veterans around the country marched as one.

Through virtual reality, more than 4,000 veterans with disabilities and those unable to travel were able to virtually march alongside 27,000 of their fellow servicemen and women in the New York City Veterans Day Parade.

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The 360 video of the Veteran's Day Parade is only available in the YouTube app. Join the virtual march!

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Google.org Grantee: America Makes

America Makes has received a Google.org grant to create training centers for returned military veterans to learn the basics of creating personalized assistive technologies, for example 3D printing, CAD drawing, and scanning. These skills will be useful as they return to an increasingly digital job workforce.

Organizations we marched with: