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TDI is working to make live captioning services more affordable and more available for the deaf and hard of hearing.


The cost of live captioning services for the hard of hearing and deaf is prohibitively expensive for many US entities, costing upwards of $150 per hour—and many services are completely unavailable in less-resourced markets. As a result, the deaf and hard of hearing are deprived of access to information and community.


With a $500,000 grant from, TDI is developing software that uses speech-to-text technology to relay a live transcription of an event to a web app that allows hearing users to provide real-time caption corrections. The result is a low-cost live caption service with an impressive rate of accuracy.


TDI will help create scalable access to low-cost, accurate captions for any live event, enabling the deaf and hard-of-hearing to participate in a wealth of enriching events.