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Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled | University of Washington | AfriNEAD | Dimagi

SAFOD, AfriNEAD, UW, and Dimagi are establishing a database that tracks assistive technologies in southern Africa to gather data that will spur further adoption.


In southern Africa, it’s estimated that 85-95% of people with disabilities who need assistive technology (AT) do not have access to it. Without information on availability of AT, these needs will continue to go unmet.


With a $717,728 grant from, the Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD) is working with AfriNEAD, the University of Washington, and Dimagi to establish AT-Info-Map, a system that will map the location and availability of AT in southern Africa—providing critical and timely information to empower governments, suppliers, and advocates to increase access to AT.


Within 3 years, the AT-Info-Map system will improve access to information about the location and availability of assistive technology in 10 southern African countries.