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Motivation is testing editable postural support designs to provide more accurate support to wheelchair users around the world.


For more than half of wheelchair users, postural support devices (PSDs) are necessary to ensure their health and safety, while also making it easier for them to get around. In developing countries, low-income individuals in need of a wheelchair often don't have access to PSDs, which can severely impact their health and lead to a less independent lifestyle.


With a £573,737 grant from, Motivation is using 3D printing to test designs for customizable PSDs—sharing designs that perform well with other service providers through an an open database. Motivation is also testing a manufacturing model that prints PSDs on demand at converted shipping containers.


Motivation's editable PSD designs will help provide more accurate support to users around the world, reducing the risk of injury and increasing mobility and independence for thousands of wheelchair users—while also empowering local service providers to more efficiently deliver mobility solutions.