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Leprosy Mission Trust India

The LMT India is producing cost-effective custom footwear that allows people with leprosy to maintain the ability to walk.


Though we may think of leprosy as a thing of the past, the disease currently affects more than one million people around the world, with 100,000 new cases every year in India alone. Those afflicted must wear custom protective footwear to maintain the ability to walk—but the current process for developing this footwear is inefficient, inaccurate, and has low compliance.


With a $350,000 grant from, The Leprosy Mission Trust India is establishing a centralized facility to 3D scan and print custom footwear. They will also pilot end-to-end shoe design, production, and delivery processes at two Leprosy Mission Trust India hospitals.


With the creation of high-fidelity, customized, cost-competitive footwear, TLMTI can help ensure that a large number of people who suffer from leprosy maintain the ability to walk.