What is the value of clean energy innovation?

How much could cheaper clean energy technologies contribute to our economy and energy security? How much could they reduce carbon emissions to mitigate climate change? Can we simultaneously meet society’s goals of economic growth, security, and de-carbonization?

To attempt to answer these questions, we modeled the impact of breakthroughs in key energy sectors: clean power, energy storage, electric vehicles, and natural gas, along with combinations of clean energy policies.

This analysis was prepared by Google.org using McKinsey & Company's US Low Carbon Economics Tool, which is a neutral, analytic set of interlinked models that estimates potential economic implications of various policies using assumptions defined by Google.org. The policy scenarios, input assumptions, conclusions, recommendations and opinions are the sole responsibility of Google.org and are not validated or endorsed by McKinsey. McKinsey takes no position on the merits of these assumptions and scenarios or on associated policy recommendations.