Harness the power of technology in times of crisis.

We have seen that people turn to the internet in times of crisis. See how simple technology tools can help you to prepare for a crisis, and to communicate, collaborate, and find relevant information during a disaster.

Are you ready?

Access the Get Tech Ready resource, developed in collaboration with FEMA, the American Red Cross, and the Ad Council. Tips include:

Learn how to send updates via text and internet from your mobile phone in case voice communications are not available

Store your important documents in the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere

Create an Emergency Plan using the Ready.gov Google Docs Template to access it from anywhere

Is it your job to respond to crises?

First responders and response organizations can use Google products to improve their operations and communications during crises. For example, you can:

Collaborate more efficiently using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Sites

Mark crisis information for the public on a map using Google MyMaps

Visualize the disaster on updated Google Earth satellite imagery