Tsunami Cancellation for AK, British Columbia, US East Coast and US West Coast

This alert expired on Oct 28, 2012 11:44 AM UTC ·
This alert has been updated.
Alert area: Coastal areas between and including Gualala Point, California (80 miles NW of San Francisco) to the Oregon-California border; Langara Island, British Columbia; Langara Island, British Columbia; Sitka, Alaska; Sitka, Alaska; Elfin Cove, Alaska; Elfin Cove, Alaska; Craig, Alaska; Craig, Alaska; Neah Bay, Washington; Neah Bay, Washington; Charleston, Oregon; Charleston, Oregon; Westport, Washington; Westport, Washington; Yakutat, Alaska; Yakutat, Alaska; Crescent City, California; Crescent City, California; Seward, Alaska; Seward, Alaska; Kodiak, Alaska; Kodiak, Alaska; Sand Point, Alaska; Sand Point, Alaska; Fort Point, New Hampshire; Fort Point, New Hampshire; Dutch Harbor, Alaska; Dutch Harbor, Alaska; La Jolla, California; La Jolla, California
Posted Oct 28, 2012 11:44 AM UTC
The tsunami Advisory is canceled for the coastal areas of California from Gualala Point, California (80 miles NW of San Francisco) to the Oregon-California border. - Event details: Preliminary magnitude 7.7 (Mw) earthquake / Lat: 52.900, Lon: -131.900 at 2012-10-28T03:04:10Z Tsunami cancellations indicate the end of the damaging tsunami threat. A cancellation is issued after an evaluation of sea level data confirms that a destructive tsunami will not impact the alerted region, or after tsunami levels have subsided to non-damaging levels.
Evaluation: No destructive tsunami threat exists for Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon or California. However, some areas may experience non-damaging sea level changes. As local conditions can cause a wide variation in tsunami wave action the all clear determinations must be made by local authorities. This will be the last West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center message issued for this event. Refer to the internet site wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov for more information.

Arrival times and wave heights

Craig, Alaska 0.1m / 0.3ft,
Elfin Cove, Alaska 0.1m / 0.2ft,
Langara Island, British Columbia 0.1m / 0.3ft,
Yakutat, Alaska 0.1m / 0.4ft,
Seward, Alaska 0.2m / 0.5ft,
Neah Bay, Washington 0.1m / 0.3ft,
Westport, Washington 0.1m / 0.3ft,
Kodiak, Alaska 0.1m / 0.4ft,
Sitka, Alaska 0.1m / 0.4ft,
Sand Point, Alaska 0.1m / 0.3ft,
Dutch Harbor, Alaska 0.0m / 0.1ft,
Charleston, Oregon 0.1m / 0.4ft,
La Jolla, California 0.1m / 0.2ft,
Fort Point, New Hampshire 0.2m / 0.5ft,
Crescent City, California 0.5m / 1.5ft,
May 29, 2015 9:15 PM UTC-7