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The Flash Flood Warning remains in effect until 12:30 am EDT for Suffolk, Southeastern Middlesex and northeastern Norfolk counties. At 11:36 pm EDT, Doppler radar indicated thunderstorms producing Heavy Rain across the warned area. Up to two inches of rain have already fallen. Heaviest rainfall is occurring across the Natick, Westwood, Norwood, and Canton areas.

Recommended actions

Rapid and potentially life threatening flooding of streets and underpasses is imminent. Do not drive through flooded roads and find alternate routes.

A Flash Flood Warning is issued for rapid and potentially life threatening flooding. In urban areas avoid flooded roads and obey road closures. Those near small streams must head for higher ground immediately.

What is a Flash Flood Warning?


This warning signifies a short duration of intense flooding of counties, communities, streams, or urban areas with high peak rate of flow. Flash floods may result from such things as torrential downpours, dam breaks, or ice jam breaks. They are issued by the local National Weather Service Office for 4 hours or less. Since flash flooding can occur in severe thunderstorms, this type of warning can be combined with either a Tornado Warning or a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Source: