The tsunami Warning is canceled for the coastal areas of British Columbia and Alaska from the north tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Cape Fairweather, Alaska (80 miles SE of Yakutat). - Event details: Preliminary magnitude 7.5 (Mw) earthquake / Lat: 55.300, Lon: -134.900 at 2013-01-05T08:58:20Z Tsunami cancellations indicate the end of the damaging tsunami threat. A cancellation is issued after an evaluation of sea level data confirms that a destructive tsunami will not impact the alerted region, or after tsunami levels have subsided to non-damaging levels.

Recommended actions

Recommended Actions: Do not re-occupy hazard zones until local emergency officials indicate it is safe to do so. This will be the last West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center message issued for this event. Refer to the internet site for more information.