Posted 304 days ago – National Weather Service

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The West Central and Flathead Avalanche centers have issued backcountry Avalanche Warnings for the mountains of West Central and Northwest Montana. For the complete backcountry Avalanche Warnings detailing specific time and location. In West Central Montana: Or call 406-549-4488. In northwest Montana: Or call 406-257-8402. Recreationalists should use extra caution when venturing into the backcountry until conditions improve.

This information has been transmitted by the National Weather Service at the request of the West Central and Flathead Avalanche centers.

What is an Avalanche Warning?


A warning of current or imminent avalanche activity when avalanche danger is considered high or extreme. Authorized officials may recommend or order protective actions according to state law or local ordinance when natural or human-triggered avalanches are likely to affect roadways, structures, or backcountry activities. Source: