High Wind Warning for Northeastern Illinois

This alert expired on Nov 17, 2013 8:01 PM CST ·
This alert has been updated.
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Alert area: Cook; DuPage; Ford; Grundy; Iroquois; Kankakee; Kendall; La Salle; Livingston; Will
Posted Nov 17, 2013 4:09 PM CST

This alert has expired.

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Tips from ready.gov

Excerpted from ready.gov Before:
  • Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.
  • Know where to shelter (ie: basement, interior room/hall, bathroom, closet, etc) if conditions warrant and where shelters in your area are located.
  • Ensure your home is ready - Elevate items in the basement which could be flooded. Bring in outdoors items such as children''s toys, patio furniture, garbage cans, etc which could be blown around and damaged. Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage.
  • More:
  • What to do before severe weather.

What is a High Wind Warning?

Wind speeds forecast to meet or exceed locally defined warning criteria in the next 12 to 48 hours. (Typical values are sustained wind speeds of 40 mph or greater lasting for 1 hour or longer, or winds of 58 mph or greater for any duration).